Appreciation: The Fuel for Efficiency

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Boosting the productivity of a workforce can cost a company a lot of money without any guaranteed return. Companies exhaust their training and development budget, arrange workshops, and hire motivational speakers, but forget to use the most important tool to improve efficiency: appreciation. Appreciation is a form of positive reinforcement that can increase the productivity of an organization by up to 40%. Paired with monetary rewards, appreciation can help decrease employee turnover. Here are a few ways you can show appreciation to your employees and boost overall workplace productivity.

1. Personalized Recognition

The corporate world can often make an employee feel insignificant as an individual. Management can rarely appreciate the personal efforts of a worker. By offering personalized rewards and recognition, management can emphasize each employee’s importance and contributions. Even a small gesture like a card with an employee’s name can significantly impact their morale.

2. Introduce Newer Incentives

There are thousands of different rewards you can offer your employees for their commendable performance. Management can keep the rewards program interesting by introducing newer variations each quarter. This will keep the workforce engaged and intrigued, boosting creativity in the workplace.

3. Reward Teamwork

When employees work as a unit, their output gets multiplied, and the company can yield higher returns. In addition to rewarding personal achievements, management should reward team efforts to cultivate team spirit among coworkers. Funny motivational speakers can do an exceptional job at creating bonding moments for employees. Laughter can propagate a friendly environment within a workplace and help build teams more efficiently. Hire an entertaining motivational speaker for your corporate events, and you will notice an improvement in your employees’ teamwork capabilities.

4. Recognize Every Achievement, Big or Small

When a manager offers positive feedback on smaller achievements, employees tend to achieve even more in the future. Appreciating every big and small effort is vital for boosting employee satisfaction in any work environment.

To boost employee productivity and satisfaction, management should invest in corporate events that offer entertainment as well as valuable lessons. Steve Gilliland has helped companies throughout North America achieve their potential with his inspirational speaking abilities. His speeches, Motivation Bites, books, and audio products can also induce creativity in managers and help them develop more efficient tools for rewarding their workforce.