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Friendship has taken on a different meaning these days. For example, we have “friends” on Facebook, many of whom we hardly know! We have friends at work, who are usually people we’re friendly with during the eight or so hours we’re together, and then there are friends who live in our neighborhood. We wave to them, invite them over for an occasional gathering, share some food and beverages and still know little about them. The friends I am talking about in

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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

My friend Bob is an amazing person. Bob works a full-time job for a NASCAR team and, in his spare time, uses his impressive diagnostic mind to help his friends and sons with projects bordering on genius. He volunteers regularly to help his neighbor, who is a mature woman living alone. He and his wife are active in charities, especially those involving animal rescue, and he actively instructs people on the complexities of automobiles. Bob normally starts his day’s activities

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5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Motivational Speaker

It’s common knowledge that motivational speakers have to be engaging, educating and entertaining. Your conferences, workshops and corporate events need keynote speakers who can get your point across, all the while ensuring the audience has a good time. Speakers should have the ability to lighten the mood, make a crowd laugh and pay attention to all the messaging of an event.

Reconnect With What You Love

While social media has made it incredibly easy to indulge in nostalgia and look up people from the past, this is not an article about reconnecting on Facebook. Likewise, it isn’t about the simple pleasures of life such as jumping into a lake or drinking cool lemonade in a wicker rocking chair on the screened-in porch. Rather, this blog is to challenge you to reconnect with the things that bring you happiness.   But What About Many years ago, a

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Corporate Comedians: How the Right Keynote Speaker Can Spread Happy Energy at the Workplace!

Management expert Peter Drücker once said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast!” What he meant was that your amazing plans and well thought-out strategies are entirely useless if your people aren’t motivated, ready and committed to making it happen – basically, you fail if your corporate culture doesn’t support your strategy.

Mind Over Chatter

This post was inspired by a remembrance from someone who found me on Facebook and was ecstatic to learn that I had written a book about goats, or so she thought. Her name is Betsy, and she is a former classmate of mine. As a small child, she was terribly allergic to dogs and cats. She tried, she really did, but no dog and no cat of any breed could keep her from sneezing and breaking out in a rash.

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