are four-to-five-minute videos filled with distinct principles guaranteed to encourage, motivate, and improve your outlook. Each of the 52 videos delivers a consistent, deliberate, attention-grabbing message to create a positive mindset

Mental Stimulation to Start Your Week!




STEVE GILLILAND — These one-of-a-kind, high-quality online videos are presented by Hall of Fame Speaker Steve Gilliland, who has dedicated his life to encouraging others. Each video is laced with engaging, impactful, and unparalleled stories and injects a level of personality in to the message that is not expressed in other formats. They are delivered via Dropbox and are easy to download and use.

EMPOWERING — Watching a motivational video is a great way to start your week and increase your knowledge and abilities. Each video contains engaging, interesting content that helps you consider your skills and enables you to change your circumstances.

RETENTION — Each four-to-five-minute video applies state-of-the-art technology and special effects to improve content retention, reduce cognitive overload, and increase viewer attentiveness. People prefer watching videos over reading documents, emails, or online articles. People retain 20% of what they read and 80% of what they watch.

MENTAL GROWTH — Personal growth and development empower you to produce better results and meet your goals. Growth is natural and vital to your survival. Similarly, mental growth makes you feel accomplished, energized, and better at everything you do, helping keep your mind sharp.

ACCESSIBILITY — Downloads provide indefinite access for continuous growth, pace consideration, and remote viewing. Because videos are short and light, they can be accessible on all devices with varying internet speeds. Multi-device delivery of videos enables people to access the videos on a desktop or a laptop, at home or the office, and through smartphones and other handhelds when traveling. You will have “anytime, anywhere” access, which allows you to watch at your own pace.

APPLICABLE — Each weekly video theme promotes qualities that allow you to cope with the lessons that life has to teach you. These topics will increase motivation, develop competencies, improve creativity, inspire goal setting, nurture talent, and influence people to change non-productive behaviors.

DIGITAL LIBRARY — These downloadable videos can be saved and accessed anytime. These unique resources allow you to create your own personal online library to share with family, friends, and colleagues. It is a perfect way to develop a weekly routine for continuous improvement.

CULTURE —  These relevant videos foster a positive mindset that reduces stress in yourself and everyone around you. After watching these videos, you feel inspired, productive, and optimistic.


“The topics are spot-on, and the content is remarkable. Your combination of humor and inspiration is marvelous. Since the first time I heard you speak, I have become a fan!”   – Fred Doelker, Houston, TX

“Thank you for sharing such encouraging, practical, and insightful wisdom. These videos are an excellent blueprint for starting your week and thriving in today’s challenging world.”   – Don Lloyd II, Morehead, KY

“Every video has off-the-charts bells and whistles. I have always revered your ability to tell engaging stories; the anecdotes you share in these videos are unparalleled. My family and friends look forward to these videos every week!”   – Bruce Shapiro, Norwood, MA 

“I have three words for your MOTIVATION BITES: Amazing, Ingenious, and Appealing. These videos will improve people’s professional and personal lives. Every week, the video topic becomes my focus and theme. Thank you for taking the time and talent to make these videos available.   – David Rowe, Houston, TX

52 Bite-Sized Performance Enhancing Videos

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