Looking for an Emcee
for Your Next Event?


Masterful. Entertaining. Humorous.



Steve Gilliland’s energy is contagious. His #1 priority is to guarantee that the event’s objectives are met and that the audience is engaged and entertained from beginning to end.

Steve does more than make introductions or announcements and handle transitions. If something doesn’t go exactly as planned, he is brilliant at thinking on his feet and being responsive.


Steve will act as the master of ceremonies, introducing the main segments of the event and navigating through the schedule. His specialty is entertaining the audience between repetitive formats, and he is flexible enough to fill in five-minute gaps or launch into a half-hour routine if requested. Steve notably provides humorous commentary on the meeting, organization, or industry. He is a master at recapping sessions and bringing out themes at the event.

Steve Gilliland is the perfect conduit between the audience and the speakers, connecting the dots and discussing the audience’s overarching issues. Whether he is opening or closing sessions, he knows how to ask provocative questions and frame the context of the conference’s learning opportunities. He also can serve as a moderator of various event components, such as panel discussions and Q&A sessions.

“We requested Steve Gilliland because shepherding an event takes talent and is a honed craft. Steve is a Hall of Fame Speaker and brilliant Emcee.”  – Johnny C. Taylor Jr., SHRM President & CEO

To check Steve’s availability to emcee your next event, email
steve@stevegilliland.com or call (866) 445-5452 / (724) 540-5019.