It’s The Little Things That Count: How Random Acts of Kindness Can Empower You

How many times have you received a compliment from a random stranger and felt like it made your day? An unexpected bright smile on the metro. Maybe someone held the door open for you while you were struggling with groceries—maybe there is some good left in the world after all.

Not All Treasure is Silver and Gold

  A favorite aunt passed away last year. She was 94, and her mind was crystal clear until the very end. She died in her own home, and as she passed, her pastor, three children, and their spouses surrounded her. There was sadness, to be sure, but also many smiles, hugs and warmth. She had lived a good life and had witnessed great and small events. I would be less than honest to say that there were “absolutely no” family

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Greater Than Any Obstacle

There probably isn’t a person reading this post who hasn’t heard of Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven, one of the most famous of all composers, became deaf and composed some of his most famous symphonies while completely deaf. It is said that he had the legs cut off of a piano and when he struck a chord, he “heard” the note by putting his ear to the floor.   Myles Chances are you’ve not heard of Myles de Bastion, a young

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