Virtual Presentations: How They Help Motivate Employees

The global pandemic has caused thousands of employees to work from home, bringing a myriad of new challenges that they’ve never experienced before.

Stop Moping and Start Hoping

Are you a fan of musical comedy? I am. As hokey and as silly as they can sometimes be, they inspire and lift my spirits. Now, when a musical comedy is about sports, I’m “all in” with enthusiasm and singing.   You Gotta Have

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Slow Down and Breathe

I am willing to go out on a limb and say that most of you have never heard of the infamous “Newman’s Energy Machine.” There was a lot of hype about Newman’s perpetual energy machine in 1979 and 1980. I’m no physicist, but the

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Keeping Your Team Motivated Remotely

Remote working is the new normal, and we need to get used to it. However, working from home has its own set of complications that may hinder an organization’s overall productivity—one of them being low employee motivation. So, if you want your organization to keep

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Mastering Customer Service Communication

We live in a world that has become increasingly globalized, which, ironically, has given rise to the pursuit of individualism. This holds for people in all spectrums of life, whether they’re struggling with their identity or communicating with an individual. Seeking individuality or uniqueness

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