Shut Out The Noise

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In 2011, cicadas invaded North Carolina. What made these flying insects’ emergence remarkable is how long their invasion is in the making. The mothers lay eggs in the branches of trees, where they develop for a few weeks before hatching and heading for the ground. The larvae then squirm into the dirt and spend the next 17 years sucking fluid from tree roots. The adult males snap rigid plates on their wings to signal approval. They will mate and then die shortly afterward. Whereas their time in the sun is short, their 17-year lifespan makes them the longest-lived insects known. While I acknowledge the miracle of their 17-year hatch cycle, I wish they would have self-awareness and didn’t offer so much unsolicited noise. Unsolicited advice is usually more about the giver’s needs than the receiver’s.

The world can be noisy, and I’m not talking about bugs appearing every 17 years. I am frequently showered with unsought opinions, beliefs, and narratives that come out of nowhere, just like those noisy, annoying cicadas. Processing information in the media, social media, or even conversations with friends or family members can become especially difficult if I sense mixed motives behind someone’s words. The noise can spin my thoughts and confuse the point so much that I might feel off-balance.

Block Out The Doom Mongers

Negative noise can range anywhere from thoughts, the internet, social media, the news, and people (family, friends, etc.). It’s toxic! It is too easy to get caught up with the negative noise. It’s everywhere when you think about it. The internet is full of people ranting about politics, influencers, social issues, celebrities, and the weather. And if you’re not careful, you will become part of it. You must set a high precedent and keep that standard because it’s hard to escape once you let in harmful, toxic noise.

However, there is no running from it either. The only solution is to block it out. Doom-mongers are everywhere, and you must be aware of them. They delight in bringing you down. They rarely want to see someone succeed. Spot them, block them out, and move on. There is no need to give them any attention or energy. People have a right to their opinions, and you have the right to ignore them and shut out the noise.