The Best of Your Life

We can all learn so much from admiring the real struggle of a person who refuses to be denied and who overcomes life’s difficult odds and obstacles. One of the inspirations of my youth was a woman named Anna Mary Robertson Moses. You may know her as Grandma Moses. As I sit at my desk writing this blog and think of her incredible scenes of childhood painted in her uniquely fundamental way, it reminds me of something I wrote in

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Live Your Life

It was such a joy to write my new book Turn The Page, as it enabled me to pull together so many real-life experiences from the many people I have encountered throughout the years. In the book, I ask an important question to impart a critical lesson. “Why would you let the person who hurt you in the past have so much power right here and right now?” I was reminded of some friends of mine who were caught in

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The Importance of Company Culture & Purpose for Motivating Employees!

What makes your employees really happy? The answer is never money. Sure, it solves many problems, but if they get sideways glances when leaving work early, or a boss who’s constantly breathing down their necks, they really won’t care for the money after a while and find better opportunities elsewhere.