The Start of More Memories

It is my pleasure to start this post with a public service announcement for anyone new to landscaping his or her shrubs and flowerbeds. When you order bulk mulch from the landscape supply store, and they ask how many yards, remember that they’re talking cubic yards. Take my word for it; there’s a lot of mulch in a cubic yard. Our neighbors up the block, a very sweet young couple, recently decided to put down mulch around their bushes and

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The Science of Meditation at the Workplace

The epidemic of stress is a real issue in the modern day. Jobs today are becoming increasingly demanding of our mental and physical capacities due to businesses evolving into more complex and global operations. Many of us are constantly caught in a struggle to meet project deadlines, replying to important emails, making presentations and sometimes dealing with difficult co-workers.

Unity is Diversity

A beloved friend was recently going through a health challenge with his heart rhythm. His cardiologist recommended a surgical procedure to bring the rhythm under control. We promised his wife that we would come to the hospital to give her support while he underwent the 45-minute procedure. It was a Wednesday morning, and we were certain that the surgical waiting area would be quiet and nearly empty. It was, after all, only 7:30 a.m.   Similarity In The Dissimilar There

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