Wealth Is a Mindset

Several of my friends and I were sitting around the fire pit reminiscing about the men from our childhoods who had influenced our lives. Though men are often portrayed on television and in the movies as insensitive and unfeeling klutzes, such is hardly the case. As we were sipping our cold beverages, my friend Mike recalled the story of a man named Nelson who lived in his town. Nelson was poor. He and his family barely made ends meet. His

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Thinking More Positively: How to Start Today!

It’s surprisingly easy to fall prey to negative thinking! There is no underestimating the effects negative emotions have on us. They narrow our focus and shut off our minds from new ideas and possibilities. That’s why it is important to cultivate positive emotions. Narrow thinking can be harmful personally and professionally. Negativity leads to hard-headedness and communication impediments.

Change Brings Opportunity

Sometimes the most profound and terrifying changes that life can throw at us ultimately turn out to be fulfilling and lead to riches beyond our imagination. The riches may not be monetary, and they may not even be glamorous, but they may lead us to places that are unexpected and authentic. Let me talk a little about a former NBA All-Star named Vin Baker. He is in his late forties now, and he once had a life we could only

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