Becoming A Person of Action

Is the image you might have of a “person of action Harrison Ford as “Indiana Jones?” Perhaps it’s Angelina Jolie in “The Tourist,” or Will Smith in “Men In Black.” Or does a star athlete remind you of a person of action? Serena Williams,

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Life is Better With Friends

Not long ago, I was reminded of an old story of two friends who exchanged the same Christmas card for over 40 years. Over the years they added new comments, but the card itself, weathered and worn, went first to one friend and then

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Hard Things You Have To Do To Push Ahead In Your Life

Many of us complain about feeling stuck in life. But sitting in one spot and continuously complaining about all that’s wrong isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Unexpected Paths

In the older part of our town, there are several streets with very wide medians, perhaps 250 feet wide, and then on either side of the roads that run along the median are lovely Victorian homes of the 1870s and 1880s. The medians have

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