One-Size-Fits-All (and Other Lies About a Positive Mindset)

The internet is awash with easy tricks to develop a healthy, positive mindset. While the intention is good, to be a strong, motivated person, you can do better than hacks. Some of the best motivational speakers in the world touch audiences because they understand that the

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Affirmations, Diary Entries, And The Power Of Self-Love

People are filled with kindness, power, and love, but as we go through life, we encounter obstacles and challenges that can fill us with doubt. This doubt can stifle our personal growth and create limitations on the vision we see for ourselves.

So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way — Realism In Positivity

A positive outlook and a realistic one aren’t mutually exclusive. There’s power in accepting that life’s little challenges are difficult, and true positivity stems from realizing that that’s okay. The more you embrace risks and leave behind your negative associations with failure, the wiser

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How to Gain Perspective and Set Priorities in Life

Work, relationships, family, health, friendships, and more. Don’t sacrifice any of these things, even if it feels impossible to have them all at once. All you need is a little perspective, an honest set of priorities, and some insight into your inner magic, and

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