Life is What You Make It

The period between Thanksgiving and the New Year is all too often reduced to receiving those Christmas-time letters that invariably talk of amazing vacations, state championships, reports of honor rolls or trophies won for most every honor under the sun. Last year we received a letter that included the phrase, “We deserved it.” “The sender said, “Over the summer we cruised the rivers of Europe for three weeks because we deserved it!”   What We Are Owed I always keep

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Why Mindset Is The Key To Success

The mark of a person destined for success is their consistently high level of energy and self-motivation. With that said, anyone—from entrepreneurs to established conglomerate heads—may struggle with maintaining their internal drive.

Signs You’re More Stressed Than You Think

In today’s world, many of us lead stressful lives. It could be your job, an illness, personal relationships, a feeling of not having a purpose.

Choose Joy

Not long ago, I ran into an old acquaintance of mine. I hadn’t seen Charlie in a few years, in fact, not since his former company “went south,” as the expression goes. He had been a faithful employee of the manufacturing company for several years, but despite his best efforts, the company could not make it. He received his “pink slip,” and a bit of severance and they said good-bye. He and his wife moved to Ohio to be nearer

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