Conflict Resolution at Work: Rules, Steps, and Skills You Need to Know

Conflicts are a part of our daily lives. People encounter them every day in their relationships with friends, family, and coworkers. Conflict in the workplace results in a great deal of annoyance, hardship, discomfort, anger, and regret.

Struggling with Self-Discipline? Do These 4 Tasks to Lead a Self-Disciplined Life

Steve Gilliland has the best news. You’re far more disciplined than you believe. So, if you’re thinking you need to start wising up and doing more, don’t fret. When you’re steering the wheel of change with one of the best motivational speakers in the world on

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How Good Leaders Build More Leaders Than Followers

Great leaders bear much accountability and are always ready to step in when a crisis hits. But why settle for great when you could be a legend? The leaders that are spoken of fondly and inspire many to go beyond are the ones who

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Leadership Development: Everything You Should Know About Creating Leaders in The Modern Workplace

About 50 billion dollars is spent on leadership development (LD) annually. You can spend huge sums on sending individuals to seminars and workshops—but does that improve their performance in their job? Sadly, most of these leadership sessions fail and rarely produce positive outcomes. Results from past

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8 Surefire Ways to Combat Boredom at Work

Be honest. There are days when work feels like a chore. Sometimes you sit in front of your computer screen and just stare off into the distance without having a single creative thought. You’re preoccupied, agitated, and simply bored.