Reason Employees Lose The Motivation At Workplaces

Motivation is the willingness to work hard, be dedicated and leverage the skills to achieve goals. A workplace without a motivated team can’t bring the desired outcomes needed to take the business to the next level.

In All Honesty

The quality of being honest, of living a life rich with honesty has often come to be a watered-down concept. Recently, I searched for just the word “Honesty” in the context of news stories using only the phrase “I believe in honesty.” The phrase

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Time Doesn’t Stop for Anyone—So Enjoy the Ride

Some days, time seems to stand still, especially when you want it to pass quickly to get through you the doldrums of your job or some other menial task. Day after day of this can feel like a never-ending cycle and bring you down.

4 Unique Ways to Define Success for Yourself

Success is a word we hear so often and immediately associate with some things more than others. A hefty bank balance; shiny cars; a big home in an expensive city; designer outfits and business class flights. Money. Fame. Popularity. Titles and accolades. These definitions

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