Managing Anxiety In The Workplace

One stretching exercies includes looking at the top left corner of your compute then moving your eyes to the top right corner and then the bottom left corner.

Follow Your Instincts

The most perceptive people in my life have been given one of the greatest gifts of all: intuition. I would argue that intuition is our sixth sense. Intuition can’t be measured, it doesn’t appear as a number, but those who have it believe they

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Listening to Understand, Not to React: A Guide

“We need to talk” is a phrase that can bring anyone to their knees. It’s something that many of us have heard at different points in time and from different people. Be it bosses, parents, teachers, friends or partners, it’s almost always nerve-wracking to

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Life’s What You Make It: Why You Should Take the Wheel

Many of us believe there’s a divine decree at work, running everything behind the scenes. Others believe in the power of the universe and a higher power, not necessarily divine. There are still those who believe in none of this and think everything is

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