Confidence is Contagious

Confidence, another way of saying we’re self-assured, is a precious gift that we can give to ourselves. Fortunately, it can’t be bought in a store or online. Why do I say “fortunately?” because when we achieve a state of self-assurance, we have given ourselves

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Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Sometimes, the Rat Race Doesn’t Matter

We’re consistently told to do more, learn more, finish more and accomplish a whole list of things by a certain age. These messages are toxic and mount excessive pressure on today’s workforce. Being told that we’re inadequate and dispensable unless we’re churning out work

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It’s Not As Bad As It Seems: Why We All Need Reality Checks

Pain, stress and sadness all have the ability to engulf you. They’re so hard to deal with because they suck you in, making you lose touch with reality. Nothing else seems to matter in these moments because it feels like the world is ending.

Stay Composed

Are you calm or reactive and volatile? I ask that question as no more than five minutes ago, and I got off the phone with someone who requested a simple answer to the question, “How come you’re not angrier? How come you seem so

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