Trust The Process

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At one time or another, everyone seems to be walking one way, in the same direction. Why? Because it is easy to get caught up in the crowd and go the wrong way. Often, you don’t even realize how dramatically off-course you are until something stops and shakes you awake. As I experienced firsthand, many of those wake-up calls tend to be very unpleasant experiences.

Sometimes, we ask ourselves, “Am I making the right choice? Am I on the right path? Should I go left or right?” I have been through this a few times and am unsure of the direction. I’ve sat and pondered this question repeatedly: “If I go this way, what would that mean for my future?” I overanalyze the heck out of everything, and I’ve always wanted to be in control of my actions and know where they would lead me. We can walk with faith toward the light by trusting our hearts, minds, and souls.

It’s okay not to know, and it’s okay to feel confused and lost at times. We aren’t supposed to have all the answers. Whenever I feel uneasy, confused, and unsure of my decision, I close my eyes and pray. Take a few moments to feel grateful for everything you have. Ask yourself, “What lesson is life trying to teach me? Your moves and choices do not have to be rapid and fast. Take time to tap into your gut instinct. What you’re seeking and meant to do is already within you. You already know which path and direction to take, but sometimes, you need that validation or reassurance.

Failures lead to destinations we are meant to visit.

Occasionally, the fear of failure will paralyze you. Guess what? It is okay to fail. You don’t fail forever. A failure is a blessing in disguise. If you headed down the left path instead of the right, leading you to fail, you know what not to do. Now you have that experience that will help you later should you reach a more significant obstacle. You have wisdom and can teach or guide others through your experience. Some can be told, “Don’t do this; it will cause that,” and they listen, or there are those who must see for themselves. Both situations are acceptable. In both situations, you have learned and gained something from it.

Trust where you were in each stage of your life. Trust where you are right now. Every path, twist, and turn has brought you here today. Embrace it, welcome change, and continue stepping forward. The best part is the journey, owning it and accepting it. Trust the process.