Motivating Your Remote Workers | Infographic

With the pandemic continuing to impact the world’s population, it has become even more important for you to boost your employee’s morale and motivate them to stay longer.

Find A Way

There are many people running around who have lost their passion for life, their hobbies, their jobs and even their families.  About a year ago, when words such as “pandemic” and “social distancing” were not on our radar, business writer Linda Smith had an

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3 Personality Types You Need to Know as a Manager

With the onset of the coronavirus and businesses adopting remote working models to keep themselves up and running while ensuring their employees’ safety, managers and supervisors are faced with a new set of challenges. Much like the unforeseen circumstances brought about by the vicious

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Women In The Workplace: 5 Ways To Empower Female Employees

The rise of the #MeToo movement and the Time’s Up campaign has made tremendous waves for the women’s movement in the last decade. It has changed the discussion about their place in the workforce by shedding light on the issues and obstacles they face every day. For those

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Hope Can Multiply A Thousand Times

Several years ago, when I wrote Enjoy the Ride, I had no idea (who did?) that most of us would spend at least six months of 2020 in lock-down. As an eternal optimist, I am cautiously cheering on the many pharmaceutical companies (nearly 150

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