Where Everybody Knows Your Name

From 1982 to 1993, many of us remember the theme song from the highly rated United States television show Cheers. The sitcom theme lent its famous refrain, “Where Everybody Knows Your Name,” as the show’s tagline. Near to my home is a small restaurant and bar on the corner of Main Street that reminds me of Cheers. I stop by once in a while, but given my travel schedule, I’m hardly a regular. The restaurant has some small tables and

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Share Your Light

I recently was reminded of the story of a religious leader who ministered to the needs of a rather wealthy congregation. An elderly man in his congregation had lost his wife. The minister was concerned because the man had no relatives close by and, unlike several of the other parishioners, he was of poor means. He drove an older car, and though when he went to services he took care to dress neatly, it was clear that his clothes had seen better days.

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Impact & Influence Your Employees with the Power of Humor

No one can deny the fact that humor is revitalizing and refreshing. Studies show that humor is just as effective for reenergizing the workforce. Studies also show that in the right doses, and coupled with other motivational tools, humor boosts productivity and performance.

Do What Makes You Oh So Happy

One of the toughest guys I have ever met is a former Marine named Adam. A combat veteran of the Iraq War and Afghanistan, he had to do some things to stay alive and keep his fellow soldiers alive that are best kept in the past. Among his medals are the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. In addition to collecting some shrapnel in his face and body, he also returned with PTSD. He came back with terrible nightmares for a

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