Impact & Influence Your Employees with the Power of Humor

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Impact & Influence Your Employees with the Power of Humor
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No one can deny the fact that humor is revitalizing and refreshing.

Studies show that humor is just as effective for reenergizing the workforce. Studies also show that in the right doses, and coupled with other motivational tools, humor boosts productivity and performance.

Mayo Clinic is also convinced that laughter is great for reducing stress and tension. Also, we are more likely to connect with people when we are laughing with them.

Go On, Lead with a Smile!

Business owners, managers, CEOs and team leaders—all of you set the tone for your company and for your teams. People watch their leaders for guidance in every situation. Lighten up on the way you treat your people; put them at ease and be more approachable.

A sense of humor is an important quality for leaders. It is important for anyone who wants to get along with others while also ensuring that things get done and orders are carried out harmoniously.

That by no means indicates you have to go around making jokes without caring about the time or the people at the receiving end.

At workplaces, having a sense of humor also includes the ability to smile at people, to approach the toughest of situations without grim intensity, and not being heavy-handed with subordinates when mistakes happen.

Lighten the mood, and you will able to foster a feeling of well-being and warmth.

After All, Don’t They Say Laughter Is The Best Medicine?

In addition to fostering a more engaged, positive and ultimately productive workforce, laughter can also ensure that your team stays healthy, with fewer burnout and stress-related health issues to plague them. The proven health benefits of laughter include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced stress hormones
  • An upper body workout!
  • And, Improved alertness and memory

In a work setting, the health benefits are often translated as:

  • Lower absenteeism
  • Better communications
  • Group cohesiveness
  • Enhanced individual performance

It takes intelligence and creativity to produce humor and find it in seemingly impossible situations. Since both are highly sought-after traits in the workplace, you know your organization is on the right track if your people feel comfortable enough to be funny.

Fire Up the Troops!

Hire a funny motivational speaker for your next corporate event and let your employees get all the advantages of a humorous, fiery, storytelling and motivational session.

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