Things You Can Do in Your Daily Life to Improve Your Personal Development

Learning is a lifelong process that helps us achieve our goals and fulfill our needs. Personal development is a part of that learning; it helps us understand and define our life goals and personal vision.

7 Reasons to Book a Motivational Speaker for Your Corporate Event

Corporate events can play an essential role in employee engagement and entertainment at a company. Companies with frequent corporate events with inspirational and motivational speakers see a direct impact on their employees’ morale. Here are seven reasons why hiring a motivational speaker can positively impact your

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The Value of Nothing

“Everything comes at a price – everything in your life. The question is, you have to ask yourself, what is the price you are willing to pay?”  – Paullina Simons, author Chemistry expert Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in Biomedical Sciences and

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Soft Skills That You Need To Be Successful – An Infographic

Here’s an infographic on soft skills that you need to be successful:

Importance of Humor at a Workplace

Human beings are wired to be optimally productive when relaxed. When working in a corporate setting, the pressure from deadlines is bound to create a certain level of tension. Employees feel stressed and motivated when they feel too restricted to laugh. Humor is the

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It’s Time To Get Unstuck

“I knew a girl so gloomy She’d never laugh or sing She wouldn’t listen to me Now she’s a mean old thing.”  – “Put on a Happy Face” (Bye Bye Birdie) All the way back in 1963, it was Dick Van Dyke (still acting

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