Claim Your Own Adventure

Despite the digital interconnectedness of modern-day society, a significant percentage of us are virtually stuck in place in our real, not virtual lives. It is incredibly easy for us to click on YouTube and “be” in Bali or Brazil in a second, but in our actual everyday existence we live in an adventure-free, experience-free environment. For far too many, the concept of “adventure” is having spaghetti and sausage rather than spaghetti and meatballs; walking the mall clockwise instead of counter-clockwise

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Negative Thoughts You Need to Get Rid Of

You’ve almost sealed the deal with a client you’ve been pursuing for 3 months. You’re just an email away from convincing them to choose your company over your competitor’s.

Change Before You Have To

There was an image we used to have of what made for a successful business person, parent or even neighbor. It was predictability. A person worked hard at their job, earned a 30 or 40-year service pin, raised a family, and belonged to the same church. It was all neat and tidy. Changing jobs or relationships or churches or even leaving the town was considered unusual.   Change is Inevitable Times have changed. “Stability” is no longer always possible. Who

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