The Destination Disease: Do You Have It?

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The Destination Disease: Do You Have It?
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Next time you’re stuck in slow-moving traffic, take a moment to look around as you’re waiting for the signal to turn green.

Hundreds of cars in all shapes and sizes with drivers and passengers of all ages.

Each pick-up truck, each mini-van, each hybrid, SUV and Volvo stopped in its tracks, awaiting a clear path ahead.

Behind each wheel is a person on a journey—a driver with a destination who’s paused out of circumstance, not choice.

Once the light turns green, each driver goes his or her way, making intermittent stops, but never turning back unless absolutely necessary.

Consider this a perfect metaphor for life, where you’re the driver, steering the wheel of change.

Every signal presents an opportunity to pause and reflect on where you’re headed.

So, if you have a habit of dwelling endlessly on the past, consider yourself the driver who just keeps turning back!

Find Yourself On the Map

The destination disease may not sound like a legitimate problem, but if you try to map out your life and identify your current location, you’ll probably realize just how real the problem really is.

Whether you’re way behind on your journey or light years ahead, not being where you’re supposed to be can suck the joy out of life’s greatest ride.

Here are 3 ways to regain your focus:


One of the greatest reasons behind our failure to live in the moment is the absence of love.

Are you stuck working at a place you don’t enjoy?

Are you struggling with a relationship because you’re afraid to expose your vulnerabilities?

Whatever your situation, know that without love, your ride will always seem more or less meaningless. Find a reason to celebrate every moment by loving what you do, no matter how big or small.


Once you’ve identified what it is you love most in life, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the passion to keep at it until you reach your destination.

A lot of us tend to describe a fizzling romance as something that “lost its spark.”

If you truly love something, you find a way to light a fire and see those flames burn brighter every single day. Discover a world within a world and explore the full spectrum of your love, whether it’s for sports, your career, studies or a relationship.


If you love what you do for a living, you don’t have to work a single day of your life.

Find an underlying purpose behind your personal and professional motives, and let it help you evolve as a human being, boss, partner, friend and family member.

Life is only as great as you make it. Don’t drive your car in reverse when you can simply shift gears and drive forward.

Find inspiration in the smallest of moments, and let one of the top motivational speakers in the world help you cure the destination disease!