Why Support Systems Matter to Individual Success

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Why Support Systems Matter to Individual Success
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On the surface, every successful person that you look up to—every athlete, every scientist, every doctor, every CEO or entrepreneur—seems to have made it wherever they are on the basis of their hard work and perseverance alone.

The individual’s success is a result of their commitment and hard work, it’s true. However, it would be a gross injustice to claim that it’s the only thing that brought them where they are. It’s a disservice to everyone in their life who gave them the space, support and motivation to carry on.

The Importance of Having a Support System

Being self-sufficient and self-reliant is an incredible skill. It’s a feeling that empowers you like no other; you’re not waiting on other people, their mercy or their help.

Support System

It’s unrealistic to imagine that you will or have made it without the support of other people. Every friend who lent you money when you were down, every partner who comforted you and every family member who stood by you are as much a part of your journey as anyone else.

Don’t get caught up in the heat of the success and think that you don’t need anyone else. Money and fame can only get you so far—it’s the people who matter.

The right support system is what will help you see the light at the end of even the darkest tunnels. Some of the biggest reasons to open your heart to the people around you and value those who are already there are:

Support systems help you handle difficult situations

They get you through the tough times through advice, help or even by just being there. These are the people you can fall back on and know that you’re in good hands. These are the individuals who’ll have your best interests at heart and guide you toward the best decisions for you.

They’ll get you what you need

These are also the people who’ll think of you and connect you to other individuals. They’ll provide you with the emotional, financial and moral support you need without expecting much or anything at all in return.


They’re the ones making sacrifices for you

Do you even recognize the sacrifices your loved ones continue to make so that you can fulfill your dreams? The long nights your mom spent staying awake because you were working late; the times your spouse and kids made do without your presence; the times your best friends missed you but didn’t guilt you for not being there for them.

They teach you valuable lessons

Your support system is the mirror that’s held up to remind you about your own shortcomings and mistakes. They’re the people who’ll call you out and humble you instead of enabling you for the sake of being supportive. They’ll push you and inspire you and teach you to do more.

valuable lessons

If you’ve found your circle, hold them close. If you’re still looking, look harder—you never know who you’ve been overlooking in your own selfish pursuits. Learn the importance of leading with heart with Steve Gilliland, one of the top motivational speakers for hire. Find this Hall of Famer member’s contact details here.