Time Doesn’t Stop for Anyone—So Enjoy the Ride

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Some days, time seems to stand still, especially when you want it to pass quickly to get through you the doldrums of your job or some other menial task. Day after day of this can feel like a never-ending cycle and bring you down.

Time Isn’t Moving How You Think

In truth though, even when you don’t realize it, time never slows down. Before you know it, days, weeks, months and even years go by. Routine does that. Boredom does that. Familiarity does that. Suddenly, you’re 70 years old, your kids and even your grandkids are grown, and you never got around to eating at that new restaurant you wanted to try.

You never got around to switching jobs or traveling to the Bahamas with your spouse like you promised you would.

Life is short. We never know how long we have.

Learning from Others

Take Steve Gilliland’s life as an example. A Hall of Fame professional motivational speaker, he has traveled the world as a keynote and motivational business speaker for years, speaking to countless thousands of people and organizations of every kind.

The one thing he emphasizes to audiences everywhere is that life is short, so they should enjoy the ride. It’s a lesson he learned through years of self-cultivation and self-discovery. Before he got to where he is today, he was working at a greeting card company, unhappy with the life he was leading and feeling stuck in a rut.

Steve’s mother told him that every day he had the choice to be bitter or better, stronger or weaker. These words changed not only his outlook, but also helped him meet the love of his life, his wife Diane. He chooses to enjoy the ride, to see success as an ongoing journey.

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Why You Need to Enjoy the Ride

When you enjoy yourself, everything feels better. You appreciate the things you took for granted, like relationships, people, your job, your finances, your health.

Steve’s first wife always fixed him his first cup of coffee with cream every morning. Not until she left him did it open his eyes to how much he took for granted. He also realized he’d lost passion for his job and was struggling to get it back.

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That’s when he shifted his focus and gave his life new meaning. He learned to enjoy the ride and encourages everyone he meets to enjoy it as well. Spend time with the people you love, give back and make a difference to the people who work for you and with you. Take risks and make decisions you won’t regret, a vital key to your personal and professional growth.