The Unexpected Consequences of Success

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Success is a rocky road, and as hard as it is to get to the top, staying there is much harder.

This is primarily because we’ve always been told about strategies that can guarantee success, but few of us are prepared for what comes after it.

We hear stories about successful people all the time who couldn’t help but get blindsided by fame, success and pride until it becomes the reason for their downfall.

Ask yourself: Am I ready to be successful?

Let’s take a look at a few unexpected consequences of success.

Your relationships change

This may not be true for each of your relationships, but you’ll notice that every new opportunity you explore can add a little distance between you and some of your closest friends.

Changing relationships are part of life, and as long as you keep showing up for the people you care about, you’re doing things right. The moment you let success become an obstacle to sustaining the relationships that have upheld you in your times of need is when you know you have a problem.

You’re stuck for time

With each step that takes you closer to success, your circle of influence grows. You will find yourself struggling to follow through on commitments. You’ll prioritize business connections over others and begin to immerse yourself in work when success is well within your grasp.

This means you have less time on your hands for things you did before. Whether it was going to the gym or spending time with your family, you’re stretched thin when it comes to managing time.

You’re under pressure

You’re under pressure

While pressure may be a good thing when it comes to keeping us on our toes, it tends to take a toll when the stakes are high. Whether it’s pressure from your bosses or your team at the workplace, you’ll work yourself to the core, which will ultimately result in burnout and stress.

Other than that, between the never-ending cycle of working and getting tired, you aren’t left with time or energy to do the things you love. As such, you may experience a loss of self and feel like you’re losing touch with your roots.

Who knew managing success could be this hard?

While it may be no walk in the park, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. With humility, compassion and the right attitude, you can easily make the most out of a bad situation without compromising on success or other things in life that you’re grateful for.

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