So No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way — Realism In Positivity

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A positive outlook and a realistic one aren’t mutually exclusive. There’s power in accepting that life’s little challenges are difficult, and true positivity stems from realizing that that’s okay. The more you embrace risks and leave behind your negative associations with failure, the wiser you’ll be.

Steve Gilliland is a celebrity motivational speaker who reminds audiences that they can handle anything. His powerful messages are practical and honest about the fact that staying motivated is no easy feat. Keeping your approach consistently success-oriented calls for a combination of determination and self-love, even in the face of failure.

Serve’s virtual resources are more than a lesson in perspective. Specializing in business, this motivational speaker goes deep into the specific troubles people deal with in the workplace and offers guidelines and solutions without being overly prescriptive. His overarching message is simple: discover your strengths and weaknesses and then invest in them.

Have Faith, Not Expectations

Expectations are a trapping of determination. If your consistency and passion are contingent on seeing success, then what purpose do they serve?

The failures in your life are also some of the most defining moments. To be resolute in the face of a bad outcome is to have faith in yourself and in life. Being upbeat and spirited when you’re on a hot streak of success comes naturally, and while it’ll feel great, it doesn’t serve you the way it can.

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Failure and mistakes are unique opportunities for personal growth if you stick closely to your purpose. When people are working toward a larger purpose, they’re more likely to stay disciplined and positive. With a greater objective, your tasks stop being tasks and become stepping stones to something you care about. Don’t confuse your purpose with your employer’s purpose, though.

While much of your success might contribute to increasing your organization’s profit margins or output, remember you’re also adding to your skills and abilities. So, when you make a move that doesn’t have the result you wanted, remember that your purpose isn’t out of reach. If anything, you’ve become better prepared to achieve it.

When you work hard with a positive mindset, you will see results, but not necessarily in the way you expect. Respect your process and retain that mindset, because, in the long term, that’s what’ll drive you forward.

Find Your Rhythm and Dance To It

The beauty of being empowered is appreciating your uniqueness as a person and a professional. To love yourself holistically is to love your mistakes and understand that they didn’t happen because you’re incapable in some way.

If you’re capable of learning and growing, you’re capable of anything, but maybe not in the same way as the people around you. That’s part of the beauty of people. We’re all filled with success and ambition that we have yet to achieve if only we can find the right way to access them.

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Some of the best motivational speakers in the world highlight the idea that no two people are the same, so rather than trying to emulate the people around you, pay attention to your genius. Maybe some people achieve their goals by working tirelessly, but you might work better when you’re putting in fewer hours and taking the time to recharge.

That’s called playing to your strengths. Simultaneously, being able to choose how you work is a privilege, so while taking advantage of having the liberty to do so, also invest in your weaknesses. Be patient with yourself as you master the art of focus. Like any superhero, discovering your potential is only the first step.

You can work on this by studying your abilities. You might fail fantastically and repeatedly, but each failure will be a lesson in success.

Patience and perseverance will see you through to championing obstacles you might’ve thought way out of your league. Once you embrace the fact that doing things your way is a power move, not a limitation, you’ll fall in love with yourself every day.

Don’t Give Up On Communication

You can be honest with the people around you even if that means making yourself vulnerable. In an organization, remember that everyone is working toward the company’s prosperity. If somebody’s words or actions are detrimental to your performance, then speaking to them about it is the way to go, whether it’s your boss or an intern.

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That doesn’t mean actively blaming or chiding them. You might not be a professional speaker, but you can find positive ways to broach difficult subjects. No one can make you fail, just like no one can make you succeed. If constant negative feedback is demoralizing you, speak to your manager, but learning to take it in stride will do more for you.

Still, a management style that hinders your success might also hinder others around you. It may also be that your manager takes exception to your work in a way you don’t fully understand. If you’re working to improve but getting the same or similar feedback, then find the miscommunication and address it.

Ideally, your superior will do this first, but don’t count on that. Support is an incredible resource when you’re serving your purpose, but it’s not always there. Ask for a meeting and explain honestly that you’re not sure where you’re going wrong.

Do the same for the positive feedback that pushes you to go above and beyond. Don’t rely on it, but make sure your superiors know you appreciate the recognition.

Step Up and Stay There

A passive approach to your work is a recipe for stagnation, and you’re far too talented to go with the flow. Create your own waves and find momentum and determination. You’ll see how actively participating and creating direction starts moving you forward, and the big challenges that might’ve intimidated you previously are swept away with the tide.

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It’ll feel like magic, and if you remember that it’s not and you keep investing in your momentum every day, it’ll stay that way. Being extraordinary is addictive, so stay in touch with your humility. Everything you achieve will be a product of your commitment and discipline.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Find Out What It Means To You

Always work with respect for everyone around you. If your subordinate is making a mistake repeatedly, don’t belittle them. That’s not something that’ll encourage them to work harder; it’ll just make them feel bad. The same goes for your superiors. If someone isn’t treating you respectfully, you can still choose to show them respect in return.

That doesn’t mean putting up with everything that comes your way. You can stand up for yourself without putting down the people around you. Some people might choose to be petty and shame the people around them, but you’ll notice these aren’t the people that are beloved by their teammates. In a workplace, there’s no room for personal bias. Collaboration is a juggling act of understanding your colleagues and working toward the task at hand.

Then again, it doesn’t have to be. It’s easy to get frustrated and snap at the people around you, but a lapse in attitude will hurt your credibility, and that’s bad for your team and bad for your business. To act professionally is to act respectfully, so when you feel like making a biting comment, stop yourself and ask what you want the other person to know.

Surely not that you’re upset with them. Stay composed and explain that you don’t appreciate their behavior. This may or not work, but ultimately your conduct and attitude will take you to places they’re unlikely to reach. You’re not responsible for your coworkers, but you are responsible for your treatment of them.

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As a celebrity motivational speaker, Steve Gilliland is remarkably in tune with the challenges and rewards of daily life.

The best part about inviting one of the top business speakers to your workplace is that when your entire workforce is actively working to be more open to life, teamwork becomes a breeze. So, book Steve today to see what it means to capitalize on your day. Check out the reviews that rave about how he exceeded expectations as a funny speaker for a conference.

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– Fred Doelker, Safety & Training Director, Dean Transportation, Inc.