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When you’re young, teachers, parents and authorities alike tell you to follow your dreams—whatever they may be. Children grow up in an idealized society where anything is possible. However, when it’s time to make a real decision about the rest of our lives, we’re told to think about our future and how to finance it. The result is a lack of professionals who are passionate about their career and instead are more interested in earning a paycheck.

The steps to living your own destiny are simple:

1. Discover what you love

2. Live by design

3. Dream big!

Discover What You Love

I believe that each of us has a dream deep inside that speaks to the very essence of who we are meant to be. However, we end up on the assembly line of life and are surprised when we see the same result. In order to truly live your destiny, you have to decide what it is that makes you happy and what you were put on this Earth to do.

Live by Design

We let others define, and in some cases, limit our potential to be successful. After deciding what it is that would truly make you happy and what your destiny is, you have to go out and get it. There will always be people waiting to knock you down. In order to follow your dreams you must turn the negativity they are throwing your way and use it as fuel. Think bigger today than you did ten years ago. Don’t be content with mediocrity and regret. Don’t look back on your life 30 years from now and think “If only I had” or “I wonder what might have been.” Grab your blank canvas and start painting your destiny. It’s more exciting and much more rewarding.

Dream Big!

A dream will provide you with a reason to go, a path to follow and a target to hit. Are you so busy with the day-to-day grind that you don’t focus on the future? Dreams will help you visualize a happier, more fulfilling life with better relationships and deeper lasting joy. Your dreams may not be in the scope of your reach just yet, but with enough fortitude a dream that once seemed daunting can someday be your reality.

In the end, the journey to living your destiny is quite simple. You were always meant to be happy, but our purpose can get lost in the chaos that is life. Remember to do what you’re passionate about and the success will follow. Follow your dreams and make them a reality.


Enjoy The Ride,
Steve Gilliland