Developing These 3 Ruthless Skills Will Make You Succeed

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Developing These 3 Ruthless Skills Will Make You Succeed
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“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”

— Thomas Jefferson

What do ultra-successful people have that others don’t? An inextinguishable hunger for life-long learning.

These people work toward improving themselves and developing skills long after they’ve graduated from college and keep polishing their skills even after they’ve been commended for their talents.

Defining success is tricky because it’s subjective. What success is for one person may not look like much to another.

While some people measure success in terms of their bank balance, others measure it through rock-solid personal relationships. Having said that, no matter what your definition of success is, if you want to achieve it, you must be relentless in its pursuit.

Here are three crucial skills you must develop in order to be successful.

Emotional Stability

Emotional stability requires you to effectively control your emotions from guiding your actions. This is especially tough as we are hard-wired to act on our emotion—but if you do, you blur the lines between logic and irrationality.

Much like instant gratification, reacting with emotions to situations is done to receive an instant reward. This, however, hinders your progress and makes the journey toward reaching your long-term goals harder.

Next time you are given a choice, base your actions on logical thinking instead of letting emotions cloud your judgment. Envisioning yourself in a successful position and visualizing your goals will deter you from acting on impulse and help you stay rational in every situation.


One of the easiest things to say is: I am determined to reach my goals. However, there is a significant difference between saying something and actually showing it. Know that the path to success will not be simple and without its fair share of failures.

The true test of your determination comes when failure falls your way. It is how you get back up and move on that defines you.

Success and failure come in a two-in-one package. Remember that if there are highs, there are bound to be lows. Being prepared for the lows, keeping your chin up during tough times and marching ahead unafraid will truly show your determination.

Positive Mindset

Research shows that every time you replay a memory in your head, your mind tweaks it slightly. This means that when you go over a thought, a memory or an incident repeatedly you run the risk of altering that very memory based on how you remember it until it doesn’t resemble what actually happened at all.

So, what happens when you replay failures in your mind? By associating negativity and fear with your memories of failure, you risk immersing yourself in negative self-talk. Over time, negative self-talk will create havoc with your mental health and prevent you from living a happy life.

A positive mindset is a key ingredient to success. Brush off rejection, focus on failures only to the extent of learning from them and reframe your thinking toward optimism. Focusing on the good and learning how to tackle every challenge positively will make a world of difference in your life and inch your closer to success.

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