Affirmations, Diary Entries, And The Power Of Self-Love

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People are filled with kindness, power, and love, but as we go through life, we encounter obstacles and challenges that can fill us with doubt. This doubt can stifle our personal growth and create limitations on the vision we see for ourselves.

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Sometimes all a motivational and inspirational speaker has to do is remind people that the limits they see aren’t real. Everybody’s abilities have bounds, but sometimes they’re only perceived. A past failure might have given you the idea that you lacked the skills to do something, and perhaps at the time that was true, but that doesn’t speak to whether or not you’re capable of learning said skills.

Perceived limitations can suppress our ambitions and determination, ultimately diminishing the enthusiasm and vigor we bring to the workplace. It creates insecurity and a fear of failure that won’t serve you or your organization.

Be Kind To Yourself

So how can individuals build a failure-proof career and arm themselves with the momentum they need to remain steadfast in the face of mistakes and hardships? The answer is simple. Top business speakers attest that showing yourself the kindness you deserve will go a long way to dispel the ideas of incapability.

When you encounter a bad outcome, even though you worked hard on a project, it doesn’t mean that success isn’t something you could achieve. Mistakes and miscalculations happen to people no matter how experienced they are, and forgiving yourself for them is the first step to facilitating your growth.

Your capacity to grow and improve is whatever you believe it to be, and when you recognize the beauty and uniqueness in your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll no longer look to others for validation. If you can separate your past from your present, and remind yourself that every day comes filled with new opportunities to do better and set new benchmarks for success, then you’re incomparably powerful.

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Many find it helpful to verbalize these things in front of a mirror or even write them down. Saying affirmations in front of a mirror can feel odd, but when you believe what you’re saying, you’ll find it’s pleasantly refreshing, almost like listening to a celebrity motivational speaker. Looking at your reflection and focusing on the good is a great way to internalize the idea that you’re worth more than you think.

When you show yourself gratitude and appreciation, you can always find the good. Your authenticity will help you stand out and bring a new and optimistic perspective to the workplace.

Be Generous With Your Vision

Your vision will bring you direction when you feel caught between options. You’ll have many goals in your life, but think of your vision as a big-picture, large-scale objective that you’d like to work toward achieving. If you ask yourself what’s truly important to you and make decisions in the interest of making the impact you’d like to see, you’ll be proactively making moves to bring that closer.

Clearer objectives can fuel your growth as you strive to meet the smaller objectives along the way. It also gives you a larger purpose. As an employee or a self-employed individual, you have business objectives that are most likely monetary. While earning a living is a healthy and respectable endeavor, you’ll find more value in looking for more in your work.

When you have a purpose related directly to yourself, not your brand or employer, you start actively investing in yourself in the interest of accomplishing it. Perhaps you’ll work to acquire certain skills, or you’ll try to develop a resilient mindset, but either way, when you’re doing this for your passion, you’ll feel more engaged.

Corporate motivational speakers always highlight the importance of feeling stimulated by your job.

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The dedication to a long-term goal will also make small failures seem smaller and give you the courage to push them aside and try things a new way. Every time you have an unexpected turnout, you gain more wisdom and get one step closer to realizing your vision. So, take as many risks as you can and fail with enthusiasm because no mistake can take away from your dynamic capacity for advancement.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Responsibility

Finding the positives in your mistakes doesn’t mean disregarding the fact that you slipped up. Blame and accountability are not synonymous; you can strike a balance between accepting your mistakes and taking responsibility for them.

In terms of employment, owning up to an oversight shows character and honesty as well as a propensity for growth, while on a personal level it keeps you in touch with your common sense.

It might seem hard to believe, but you can’t take common sense for granted. Staying grounded and humble as you work to raise your standards for brilliance calls for some culpability to yourself. You can push forward fearlessly, but recognizing the potential consequences of your actions is what will keep you on track.

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You might be willing to take a risk in some cases, but the possible fallout might be too much for your employer. Although their success might not be a part of your vision, disregarding it would be disregarding your integrity. As an employee, you have a greater obligation to respect the trust your organization has in you.

Taking full ownership of your actions, positive and negative, is always something that’ll be appreciated and will benefit you as well. Your superiors stand to benefit directly from your success, so when they see your ambition, zest, and upbeat perspective, they’ll have a clearer idea of how to facilitate your growth.

Honest communication with your manager, even if it’s about the fact that you don’t intend to remain with the company, creates respect and approachability. There’s never a benefit to misleading your employer.

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There’s also never a benefit to misleading yourself. Even a funny motivational speaker will acknowledge the seriousness of honesty with oneself. Writing objectives in a diary or making a physical note of them makes them harder to dismiss. If you’re as passionate about your vision as you’d like to be, then making that commitment, even if only to yourself, is a great way to call yourself to action.

It can be tempting when the going gets tough to stop and take the passive approach to life, but instead, you could apply your problem-solving skills so that your big-picture objectives are still attainable. Setting a goal is easy, but committing to it on paper takes courage, which in turn breeds determination. You can treat yourself with kindness while still working on your weaknesses.

Listen Before You Speak

When you listen actively, you have a clearer idea of what your coworkers and superiors are looking for from you. Miscommunications can’t be ruled out and sometimes aren’t identified until it’s too late. While mistakes also can’t be ruled out, you can still do your best to keep them from happening.

Not only will this prevent a faux pas in the task at hand, but it’ll help you understand your colleague’s communication style. When you have a strong rapport with someone, you’re quicker to comprehend them. It’ll also teach you how to communicate with them, which makes for better working relationships.

When people trust that you’re listening when they speak, they’ll be more likely to look forward to collaborating with you, and they’ll take the time to listen to you as well. This applies even more so in a workplace dispute. You might think you know exactly what the other person is saying, but grant them the time to explain what they believe and think about why you might be in the wrong.

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Even professional speakers know that sometimes listening can add more value than speaking. Being able to build healthy working relationships with all kinds of people is an invaluable skill in your professional and personal life. A positive connection with your coworkers builds more than open lines of communication; it also builds trust, support, and mutual respect.

When employees work cohesively, an organization is more likely to prosper. So, when you develop the same kind of relationship with yourself as you would seek to create with a coworker, you’re more likely to prosper.

It’s All Fun And Games, Always

Life is a wild adventure filled with ups and downs, and having fun might be one of the most underrated and important parts. Even in your professional life, finding ways to introduce fun into your job can serve as a powerful antidote to burnout. We all look for a little support from time to time, and if there’s ever an instance where you can’t find it, you can introduce some cheer to the day.

Of course, taking your work seriously is good, but not too seriously. Your professional success isn’t everything, and while it’s wonderful to be able to hit targets and set examples, there’s no reason work and fun can’t go together.

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In fact, your performance is likely to improve when you enjoy your work. When you’re truly passionate about your job and your purpose, it’s not hard to enjoy it. If you really can’t find a way to make your professional life enjoyable, then that might be a sign it’s time for a change.

Dictating what to enjoy and when to feel content isn’t the best way to respect your authentic self. Then again, there’s no reason you can’t create fun ways to do your job. Having a job that you love is a privilege, but sometimes making so with the job you have can teach you more.

Since you’re working toward your personal vision, your present professional situation should serve as a stepping stone to that. If you don’t enjoy it, it might suppress the level to which you’re willing to participate. We all have different journeys, and sometimes it involves doing things we don’t enjoy, but you can still create the positivity you need to fuel you.

Always Be Patient

Practicing patience with yourself and with others will benefit you because it allows things to take their natural course. If you’re faced with an obstacle that’s blocking your route and moving past it is taking longer than you’d thought it would, then you’re not stagnated, you’re on your journey. If you haven’t yet been able to surmount a hurdle, you’re not ready to achieve your vision.

Serving a larger purpose isn’t just about following steps to greatness; it’s about becoming the person you could be. To become someone who can vanquish the problems that might currently hinder you, you have to respect your timeline.

When you show yourself this kindness, you’re more likely to show it to other people. Everyone is on their own journey, and a little patience can go a long way.

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