5 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Leader

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Every Leader
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If you want to discover how leaders maintain their winning streak, take a peek into their New Year’s resolutions because their list is likely to be long!

Whether we’re talking about political leaders, business leaders or leaders in our own communities and families, a person who takes charge on a personal or professional level is likely to set goals—and LOTS of them.

If you aspire to be an exemplary leader in your respective field, do not be deterred by the challenges that lie ahead. Think like a leader by setting achievable and ambitious goals.

Here are 5 resolutions that you’re likely to find on every leader’s list.

1.      Discover Your Weakness

Great leaders are incredibly self-aware. They know where they lack, and they know where they shine. Instead of compensating for your lack of talent in one area by overindulging in another, identify your weakness and make a consistent effort to overcome it.

This could be a technical skill or a personality flaw, both of which can be improved through a suitable workshop, life coach or counselor, depending on your needs.

2.      Understand that Employees Are People, Too

Some of the most inspirational leaders in the world are also the most compassionate.

Whether you run a business or a country, you must realize the weight of your responsibility. This is only possible if you understand that your employees don’t work for you, but that you work for your employees.

By incorporating compassion in your discourse, you stand a much better chance of being heard, respected and ultimately followed.

3.      Prioritize

Successful leaders are busy folks.

Hopping planes, jumping from meeting to meeting, hobnobbing with public figures or high-profile clients; everyone demands their attention, sometimes all at once.

No matter how ambitious your goals, remind yourself why you do what you do and prioritize your goals so you never end up giving precedence to something that is not worth your time. Make yourself available to loved ones and never forget where you came from.

4.      Lend a Hand

A powerful way to maintain your leadership position is to constantly engage in random acts of kindness.

Not only is this an effective technique to stay grounded (no matter how successful you are), but ultimately shows everyone why you deserve to be in that chair.

5.      Reflect On Your Character

Last but not least, never make the mistake of thinking, “I’ve made it!”

The journey to self-improvement never really ends. The best way to evolve every single year is to reflect on your character without judgment and understand yourself more deeply with time.

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