4 Unique Ways to Define Success for Yourself

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Success is a word we hear so often and immediately associate with some things more than others. A hefty bank balance; shiny cars; a big home in an expensive city; designer outfits and business class flights. Money. Fame. Popularity. Titles and accolades.

These definitions and ideas of success are how we determine who’s made it in life and who hasn’t—but who set those standards anyway? The general conception is that if you’re not out there chasing wealth and engaged in the “grind,” you’re not doing anything worthwhile.

It’s a toxic and damaging way to define success and often makes people who don’t meet these standards question their own achievements and accomplishments. Find a definition of success that works for you and brings your life meaning.

1. Success can mean doing your best

Success doesn’t need to mean being the best; it can also mean doing your best. You’re your only competition, and you don’t need to compare yourself to those around you. If you truly believe you’re doing your best, coping with your circumstances as best as you can, then rest assured you’re in a good place.

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If you show up every day and give it your all, and it brings you a sense of fulfilment, you’re more successful in that moment than you can ever expect to feel elsewhere.

2. Having a safe space

This could be your home. It could be a person. It could be a communal space. It could be your therapist’s office. It could even be your own room. A space where you truly feel safe, protected and at ease is one of the most underrated forms of personal success one can achieve.

3. Feeling passionate about something

Passion is a powerful thing. It’s the fuel that drives us to do better, do more and ask for more. It’s a flame that’s hard to ignite because once you’ve found your true passion, there’s very little that can stop you. Steve Gilliland is a Hall of Fame professional motivational speaker who reiterates the importance of passion over and over again, sharing his own stories and journey of discovering what he is most passionate about. To hear more inspirational takeaways from Steve, or to hire him as a keynote speaker, contact his team here.

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4. Experiencing things you were afraid of

Are you trying things you never thought you would? Whether that’s bungee jumping or hopping on a plane to Peru, or moving across the country to your dream job, you’re succeeding at life! Trying things you’re afraid of is a sign of growth, change, evolution, risk-taking and the trademarks of conventional success.

Success is what you make it. Always remember that you don’t need to fit any textbook definition as long as you feel happy and content, and the people who work with and under you see you with respect.