5 Easy Ways to Induce Creativity in Your Company

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While you can’t force creativity, you can create an environment that induces creativity in your company. It is an integral element for growth and innovation that fosters organizational agility.

84% of CEOs believe innovation is essential for growth, but only 6% are satisfied with their innovation performance, showing the lack of creative mindset and culture among many companies.

Here’s are a few simple ways you can induce creativity in your company and use it wisely:

1. Build a Diverse Team

Diversity brings multiple perspectives. The first step to inducing creativity in a company is to break free from traditional, homogenous teams. Not everyone needs to have the same degree or age. Build a team of people with different skills and backgrounds.

When team members have a variety of experiences, backgrounds, and cultures, it increases their chances to look at things differently and be innovative during unpredictable circumstances. Let them engage in healthy debates and brainstorming. It helps them make better decisions and increases the overall creativity of the team.

2. Encourage Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge becomes much more powerful when shared. One team member may know something meaningful that others don’t, and not sharing it prevents others from developing new skills. If you create an open space to share and access knowledge, you’re opening the door to many benefits. Everyone gets to share what they know and learn something new each day.

Knowledge sharing also brings new ideas, sparks inspiration, and helps the team connect and perform better.

3. Offer the Right Tools and Space

Not having the right tools and space is a massive hindrance to their creative thinking process. Creativity isn’t something that has a start and stop button. It needs inspiration and the right mindset.

Change the layout of your office, add new colors to the interior, and designate a different room—free from office chaos—where people can sit and think. Provide training, software programs, technology, and other tools that facilitate people’s creative thinking process.

4. Support Employees in Creative Risk-Taking

Employees don’t propose different solutions or think outside the box when they fear making mistakes and facing the consequences. An office culture where risk-taking is appreciated—despite the outcomes—tends to have more creativity.

Encourage employees to take risks and learn from the results; support them in navigating challenges and cultivate a culture that rewards risks.

5. Don’t Hold Back Your Employees; Let Them Fly

“That’s not how things work here” is a phrase managers often use when people come up with unconventional ideas. When you bind your employees with redundant rules and instructions, it kills their drive to bring new viewpoints to the company. Let everyone express their creativity without binding them to limits and precautions. You can give them guidance and advice to avoid any major disaster, but let them test and try new things.

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