Trade Expectations For Acceptance

At a recent T-ball game that my four-year-old grandson Caleb was “starring” in (maybe an overstatement), an incident occurred that motivated me to write this blog. As I stood watching a young boy batting, I heard a voice yell, “Jimmy, choke up! Move your right foot back! Get your elbow up.” Instantaneously, a coach close to the young boy just looked at the parent who shouted, and just shook his head.   Parents Gone Wild I know many former coaches,

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The Fear of Becoming Irrelevant

As many of you know, I am a big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and recently the NFL hosted their annual draft. There is something about its spectacle and its optimism that just makes me feel good. Every team drafts players that they hope will lead them to make the playoffs if not winning the Super Bowl. Round after round, the best collegiate players are chosen by professional teams, in rather complicated order. Some get traded up, some down, some

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A Brief Guide to Helping Your Employees Feel Motivated Again

Employee motivation is the key to the success of any business, company or organization. One of the things that separates second and third tier organizations from the cream of the crop is the fact that employees actually feel like getting up, going to work and doing well in the latter!

Feeling Demotivated All The Time? Here Are the Likely Reasons Why

We all have off-days. Staying energized and working hard every single day is not possible. In fact, it’s unreasonable. The mind and body need time to repose.