Shape Up Your Employees | Infographic

Is your employee’s behaviour disrupting business activites and diminishing productivity? Have you been thinking of ways to transform their attitude without rupturing your relationship with them?

Weeds or Wishes

Well before the pandemic and the unrest in our society, Psychologist Robert L. Leahy, Ph.D., wrote an inciteful article (July 30, 2018) for Psychology Today entitled: Have We Lost Perspective? Leahy gives us several reasons as to why so many were (and are) upset.

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A Leader’s Manual to Building Resilience in a Time of Constant Change

From blue-chip conglomerates to non-profit organizations, no matter how well-rounded a company’s contingency plan is, the only thing that can help it during a crisis is a team’s resilience—and the role of a leader in cultivating this resilience is nothing short of monumental. The

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Combating Negativities in the Virtual Workplace

The uncertainty of the coronavirus has impacted everyone. From businesses to individuals, no one is immune to the effects of the pandemic. While it’s true that the world was slowly moving toward a virtual workspace, the sudden onset of the coronavirus put us on

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