Your True Creator of Value

Not long ago, a dear friend who owns a highly successful auto body shop in the Boston area sent me an article written by the CEO of a vast, international conglomerate based in Bahrain. I was not especially surprised, as Jeff is not your typical auto body man. Before he started his business, he was in the corporate world, and he had earned a management degree from a fairly prestigious university. Jeff was always reading about management techniques and management

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Important Life Lessons You Can Learn From Steve Gilliland

Nothing comes easy, and nothing comes for free. Even those who are at the top of the ladder of success have had to climb up from the bottom.

Guilty Pleasures to Eliminate to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Let’s admit it. We all have guilty pleasures. Whether it’s that one song that gets us in the groove or it’s test driving expensive sports cars, we all have our secrets.

Real Wealth Isn’t About Money

One of the most delightful entrepreneurs I have ever encountered was a man named Calvin, but all of his friends called him “Cal.” Our local business journal has described him as a “highly successful serial entrepreneur.” It is true, but it is just the tip of the iceberg as to who he is as a human being.   Making Good Decisions Calvin’s first successful venture was a company that sold glue of all kinds and in all sizes. That’s correct,

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