While passing through North Carolina, an old friend happened to stop by the house the other day. He was once a happy and modestly successful man, but as he grew older, I am afraid he became more and more bitter. There were several reasons for his bitterness that many of us could relate to: he was passed over for promotions in his engineering firm, he was growing older and felt unfulfilled, he was hit with several medical bills, and he

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Time Has Changed

Is your time precious? I am sure most everyone reading this article would say, “Of course my time is precious, Steve.” Good, now we are on the same page. My time is precious, too. Who controls your time? That is a far more difficult question. Less than 25 years ago, we might answer with “My job” or “My spouse” or “My children.” Our careers and families, even our volunteer activities can take up a lot of time, but often it

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Finding Inspiration in Life’s Little Challenges

“Worry gives small things a huge shadow!” – Anonymous Wealth, power, status and grandeur are commonly considered the signs of a successful person. The reality is that a huge salary really says nothing about the grit and resilience of a person.

Finding Time for Personal Growth

Do you want to be at a point in life where you wake up happy and excited to face the day ahead? That would be the real achievement, bringing your life to a point where it’s really worth living.

Be a Difference Maker

As I sit down to write this article, I am reminded of a story I read a few years ago about a prominent dermatologist who had a downtown office and a suburban office. Rather than driving one of his expensive cars to his downtown office, he rode the express bus from his luxury condominium in air-conditioned comfort. It was a beautiful warm day in June, and a young woman got on the bus a stop or two after his. This

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