3 Things All Mentally Strong Managers Do!

Mentally tough people distance themselves from their mistakes, but they do so without forgetting about them. Many qualities are attributed to an effective leader. These include everything from emotional intelligence to stronger communication skills. What else makes a strong leader?

Key to Happiness

Several years ago, when I was undertaking specific research for my book Enjoy The Ride, I came across an article entitled something like “Ways to Be Happier.” It struck me as being a good article to support my thought process as I prepared to

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Learn to Appreciate the Smaller Things in Life

The little things in life, the smaller events that happen every day, often ignored, should get more than our fleeting attention. Appreciating these moments can make life more pleasurable, more nurturing and lot more bearable when things begin to get tough.

How to Make Positive Change Easier

The most useless piece of advice you can give someone dealing with grief or stress is telling them to be positive. Will that suddenly bring them comfort or release an emergency reserve of inner strength and mental peace? No, it is actually as unhelpful

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Learn to Master Your Emotions

Two weeks ago in Orlando, a gentleman asked me, “Where do you get the inspiration to write your books?” Often, it comes from the interactions I have with the wonderful people I get to meet on my journeys and my speaking engagements. For instance,

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