How to Make Positive Change Easier

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The most useless piece of advice you can give someone dealing with grief or stress is telling them to be positive. Will that suddenly bring them comfort or release an emergency reserve of inner strength and mental peace? No, it is actually as unhelpful as it sounds.

And yet, it is exactly what I have been telling everyone for a long time. All my presentations revolve around this very point.

Be positive.

That is where it all begins. Without positivity, there is no hope; without hope, there is no effort; without effort, there is no achievement; without achievement, there is no satisfaction. What is the point of life without satisfaction? I don’t know what your definition of success is, but comfort and contentment is what we all truly seek in our lives.

So, while ‘positivity’ is where it all begins, it is not easy to bring into your life. Positive changes take a lot of effort and failure. Today, I will share a few important tips to make positive changes easier.

Acknowledge the Presence of Positivity

You can’t see light, but light helps you see other things. That is how you know it’s there. Similarly, you can’t expect positivity to stare you in the face all the time. You need to feel and acknowledge its presence. Try to find the positive side of every situation, and believe me, there always is one. As they say, the best thing about the worst situation is that it can’t get any worse; it can only get better from there.

Get Rid of Negative Forces in Your Life

Sometimes our situations aren’t as bad as they seem to us, and that includes negativity surrounding us. Anything or anyone can be a negative force in your life: an old friend, a toxic partner, a demeaning boss. The best way to get rid of them is not to cut ties but to stop paying heed to what they say. Only then will you be able to act on your instinct and make changes that will be good for you no matter what others think about it.

Share and Support

What goes around comes around – it’s a simple rule of Karma. As an inspirational speaker, I can personally vouch for the fact that knowing you have made a positive impact in someone’s life can change your own life for good. You don’t have to be rich to spread joy and happiness. Even a kind smile from a stranger can make someone’s day.

Meeting people who have something positive to say can actually help you feel the positive energy in your own life. Steve Gilliland is a top motivational speaker with a lot of positivity to share.