How Lack of Motivation Is Killing Your Company

Dissatisfaction and disinterest in an employee at the workplace is a dangerous thing. It’s a silent poison that is slowly eating away at your resources, draining your best talent.

Stay Strong

It was on a June night last summer, about 10 p.m., that I heard strange music coming from a neighbor’s home. By “strange,” I mean uncommonly beautiful. It wasn’t trendy music or electronic or metallic. It was a single violin, played at the moment. I am not a classical music expert, but the tune was somewhat familiar. It was one of those beautiful summer nights when the sky is full of stars. It was a night of recollections of youth,

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Keep the Flame Burning: 5 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Life

Life is an intricate journey rife with different experiences. Often, those experiences can lead to us feeling disillusioned and discouraged.

It’s Time to Get Back on Track

The question I ask, “Why do we applaud each other’s children?” is not a trick question, and there may not even be a single correct answer, but it is pretty revealing about our character. Last week, I was asked to attend a recital at our local community center. I knew the family and I knew their two young daughters (ages 4 and 6) and, while I felt as though I had gotten roped into it, I figured that for the

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