From the Corporate Mound to the Compost Heap

I would like to share the story of a person who became a successful entrepreneur. The first part of his story is not so unusual, but it was how he came to understand himself that has meaning. The man was a marketing executive for

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How Do You Look in the Mirror?

How many Internet memes have you seen today? “What is that?” you might say. You may not have known what to call them, but memes are those inspirational sayings combined with pictures. They are everywhere on the social media because they are easy to

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The Power of Motivation in Today’s Hectic and Competitive World

Here’s a secret. Emerging as a source of motivation for other people doesn’t come naturally for everyone. You’ll have to work to reach that level. But it’s worth it! There’s nothing better than to inspire people, getting them all fired up and eager to

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What Is Inside Some of Us Motivates All of Us

  “There are no airbrushed versions of a perfect life.” – Tresa Edmunds,   In my book Making a Difference, I talk about focusing your efforts on what you can change and accept what you cannot change. It is essential for us to

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The Perfect Motivational Keynote Speaker Is Just Around The Corner! Look For These Traits Before Hiring One

What makes a great motivational speaker? Is it their ability to speak confidently? Their ability to win people over? Inspire? Some of the best motivational speakers are those who connect, inspire and move – they compel people to think!