Stop Watering Dead Plants

In October, my new book, Turn The Page: A Guide to Moving On & Letting Go, will be released. Prior to the formal release, I will offer you foretastes of the book while sharing my heart so that those of you currently going through

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Truly Motivational Speech

Four Key components of a Truly Motivational Speech Delivered with the right passion, the following four components in a motivational speech leave a lasting impact on the audience.

Easy Ways to Inject Life & Happiness into a Workplace

We can all do with a little more enthusiasm and happiness. However, both are hard to find in traditional workplaces across the world. But the science is in! There are considerable benefits of living a more animated life at work, and away. It leads

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The Greatest Form of Wealth

Last night, I took Uber from the Houston Hobby airport to my hotel in Cypress, Texas. It was not my first transportation choice. However, the client requested that I save them some money by not hiring a car service at an exorbitant price. I

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Imperfectly Perfect

In my book Hide Your Goat, one of the many points I make is: “People tend to criticize most loudly in the area in which they have the deepest emotional need.” What do I mean by that? In explaining this, I am reminded of

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