Love Your Job, And Your Job Will Love You

If you could turn to your co-worker on a busy Monday afternoon and ask them how their day’s going, how do you think they’ll react?

You Make My Heart Sing

The first time I met Craig, I was sitting in a local restaurant north of Pittsburgh eating a tuna fish salad sandwich and just minding my business. Suddenly, a deep, operatic voice was heard about 20 decibels (it seemed) above the lunchtime diners. He was singing “Happy Birthday” to the young woman behind the counter. She covered her twenty-something face in embarrassment as he took his sweet time to deliver each note as though he had taken to the stage

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Strength Beyond Your Imagination

This blog is based on a true story. However, I hope you won’t mind if I give the gentleman a different name and withhold the name of his organization. Samuel, “Sam” for short, is a WWII veteran. He is about to celebrate his 93rd birthday, and he has no intention of slowing down. In WWII, he was a bombardier on a B-17, where he and his crew made exceptionally perilous missions over enemy territory. Their usual targets were heavily guarded

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