3 Motivational Questions You Should Ask Yourself Daily

We spend a significant part of our day asking questions that influence our motivation levels.

Talk Like a Champ: The Power of Positive Language

If you pay attention to the way successful people talk, you’ll notice that they all speak one language.

Why Your Journey Is More Important Than Your Destination

If you’re a fan of superhero movies, you’re probably familiar with the story of the “Chosen One.” A seemingly ordinary person gifted with unimaginable powers is suddenly tasked with the monumental responsibility of saving the world.

Stop Glorifying Busy

Her name is Judy, and she works out at our local gym. She is impressive or maddening, it all depends on how you view her. Judy is by one standard highly successful. She is a lawyer and partner in a busy practice. She is married to a well-known cardiologist, and she has two young children, drives a luxury SUV and is only 39 years old. As I mentioned, she works out at the gym, and her workouts are on a

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