Why Your Journey Is More Important Than Your Destination

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Why Your Journey Is More Important Than Your Destination
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If you’re a fan of superhero movies, you’re probably familiar with the story of the “Chosen One.” A seemingly ordinary person gifted with unimaginable powers is suddenly tasked with the monumental responsibility of saving the world.

Out of nowhere, they go from being a nobody to a somebody, not because of a costume, not because of a name. Their once aimless existence suddenly has a clear purpose, a BIG one—and that’s what ultimately changes everything.

There may not be anything particularly exciting about being a photographer, nurse, newspaper reporter or construction worker, but remember: even superheroes have a day job.

When you have a greater purpose in life, ordinary moments are made extraordinary. You don’t have to be a caped vigilante to find yours.

It All Begins With A Question

One way to turn your boring day job into an exciting adventure is finding the will to make a difference. When you embrace positive action instead of negative reaction, you focus on doing instead of getting done.

Most superheroes start their journey with the perennial question, “Who Am I?”

Start yours by asking yourself inconvenient questions and discover a creative way to answer them, keeping in mind your circumstances and potential.

  • Why do I work here?
  • What can I bring to the table?
  • What are my limitations?
  • What is it that I can do that no one here can?
  • How can I continually improve my greatest strength?
  • What do I lack and who can teach me to be better?

You see, the right questions compel us to take charge of things that we can control as opposed to commiserating over those we can’t.

They remind us that we’re self-aware, gifted, conscientious and irreplaceable, giving us a chance to act NOW and empower ourselves in every waking moment.

Heroes, be they fictional or real, are too immersed in their journey to ever look back or obsess about the future. That’s what gives them the freedom and courage to take an unpredictable ride.

Destination: Me

Once you’ve identified your talents and won the crowd over, you’re likely to think you’ve finally made it; but a hero’s journey never really ends because there’s always something left to discover.

Do you stop traveling once you’ve been to a beautiful place? Or do you change your itinerary from New York to Paris, Puerto Rico to Belize to find the next best destination on an ongoing journey?

When you envision yourself as an authority figure, maybe a CEO or President, you don’t stop evolving once you’re sitting in that chair. You use your newfound powers to help others like yourself, like a wise and noble leader who knows the weight of his or her responsibility.

Whatever you choose to be in the next 10 years, keep asking questions, keep challenging yourself to grow, and keep charting your flag in new territories—because as long as you have the will to fly, you’ll always have a new place to discover.

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