Habits For Personal Development

This health crisis caused by COVID-19 has disrupted everyone’s lives. Wheter, it’s a loved one testing positive, experiencing financial strain or losing your job, the effects of COVID-19 are far-reaching.

Listen With Your Heart

In 2016, I wrote a blog entitled, “Listen To Your Heart.” The focus of the article was about the choices we make in our lives every moment of every day. Whereas ego tells us we need this thing or that thing to be successful,

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Kindness Matters

“Kindness” is a word we all too often hear, but can’t define. If my neighbor bakes six-dozen cookies for the church bake sale, is she being kind? Perhaps. How about the man who volunteers to be the head coach for the local youth football

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5 Ways to Stay Motivated and Positive During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As COVID-19 envelops the world in fear, stress, anxiety and uncertainty, people are struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel.