5 Ways to Stay Motivated and Positive During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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As COVID-19 envelops the world in fear, stress, anxiety and uncertainty, people are struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’ve been longing to find the rope that always guided you toward positivity, you’re not alone. The harrowing pandemic has affected millions across the globe, thereby causing them to feel a sense of dejection and hopelessness.

While you may feel like there’s virtually no way to break out of this troubling situation, inspiration is closer than you’d think.

We’ve rounded up five ways to feel empowered, invigorated and enlivened in the face of adversity.

1. Watch Inspirational Videos Online

Can’t seem to kick-start your motivation? Watching inspirational videos online is a great way to feel uplifted and rejuvenated.

As a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Steve Gilliland has an extensive collection of online videos that are intended to move audiences and leave them laughing.

Hide Your Goat is a brilliant keynote speech that offers insights into assigning the right value to every situation, thereby preventing difficult circumstances from ruining your day.

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We also recommend soaking in the rich inspiration offered in Detour—a remarkable speech that helps viewers build resilience and grit as they cope with change. Detour also lends insights into reducing stress, eliminating fear and increasing performance during situations as difficult and distressing as the ongoing pandemic.

Check out the complete list of Steve’s inspirational videos  and presentation videos to find the best pick based on your subjective struggle during this period of turmoil.

2. Do Something You Love!

When was the last time you did something you truly loved? If you’ve been running on autopilot for a few weeks (or months) now, it may be time to sit back and give yourself some much-needed TLC.

While travel restrictions are in place, there are still a plethora of options to choose from.  So grab a diary or open the Notes app on your phone and go to town.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of indulging in a long bath with your favorite bath bombs fizzing and melting in the glittering water, getting started on that novel you’ve been meaning to write, improving the quality time with your loved ones, or treating yourself to a delectable dinner, do something you truly enjoy without letting even the slightest semblance of guilt mar the experience.

We recommend continuing with these acts of self-kindness on a biweekly basis—or more frequently, if possible—to regain mental and emotional peace and contentment.

3. Embark on a Motivational Read

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A motivational read is a great way to press the reset button and gain some valuable insights along the way.

Turn the Page is a brilliant guide to letting go of pain and seeking wholesome healing through a period of difficulty. It’ll help kick-start your journey toward undoing the damage caused by the ongoing pandemic and past events that may be triggering your stress and anxiety more than anticipated.

By undoing the knots of the trauma and healing your wounds, you’ll be able to move on and develop a healthier and happier mindset.

Check out more motivational e-books, audiobooks, and physical copies to find the ideal pick that helps you get through this period of uncertainty.

4. Find Solace in Your Support Group

Social distancing and self-isolation are not easy. Anyone who says otherwise is deluding themselves.

If you’ve been struggling to get by, feel comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. Find solace in your support group by reaching out to friends and family.

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Whether you spend an hour on the phone with your best friend each day or make time for a quick FaceTime call with your family, feeling connected to your loved ones will help you get through the period of fear and uncertainty.

If you don’t have a healthy relationship with family/friends, we recommend connecting with like-minded individuals on social media. Talking your feelings out will help you feel heard, relieved, comforted and healed.

5. Limit Activities That Cause Distress

Maybe you’re spending one too many hours checking COVID-19 updates, or you’re trying to maintain productivity levels to an unhealthy extent. Either way, we recommend limiting activities that are causing you distress.

Prioritize your mental and emotional health instead of partaking in activities that trigger stress and anxiety. Creating healthy boundaries will help you stay motivated and calm.


Find out more about healthy ways to stay afloat amid the ongoing period of turmoil by browsing through Hall of Fame Speaker Steve Gilliland’s motivational and empowering videos.

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