The Prison of Fear

As a youngster growing up in my mid-sized town, I remember there were two hardware businesses. They each seemed to my young, elementary school mind to be modestly successful. I knew both owners, and they were decent people. For a while, they were what you might call friendly enemies. They fought no battles, and they didn’t have “price wars,” or deep discount sales. However, it was clear as I was entering high school, that one business was pulling away from

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Why Self-Compassion Is Important

There’s a saying that we are own worst critics. We’re never satisfied with what we do. If you’ve ever met a person who was happy with everything they’ve achieved in life, they’re probably like a rare Pokémon!

Live In The Moment

My mom recently gave me a shoebox crammed with fading and creased photographs, or what we used to call “snapshots.” These were just a few of the numerous pictures my late stepfather kept tucked away in his vast collection. There were snapshots from my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary, an uncle proudly posing in his WWII air corps uniform, an old dog named “Jet,” and a comical group snapshot of my mother and her cousins from the late1940s. I reminded myself

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Carpe Diem Philosophy: How to Truly Seize the Day

When Dead Poets Society was released, Robin Williams stole the hearts of viewers around the world thanks to his portrayal of a remarkable character who believed that ordinary lives can be transformed into something truly extraordinary if we believed in ourselves.

Assume Everything Matters

I recently walked out to the bird feeders on our property to help my wife fill the plastic tubes with wild bird mix and to hang a new suet block. I realize this fact probably won’t phase some of you, but my research revealed there are at least 60 million people, just like my wife, who feed birds. Additionally, there are about 100,000 “birders” who leave the comfort of their backyards and local parks to who traipse around the country

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