Silver Linings

When we want to emphasize the hopeful side of a situation, we refer to the term “silver lining.” I am almost certain that you can think of a difficulty that turned out to be a positive experience. No one likes trials, challenges and glitches; however, there is usually something to learn, and in some instances, an opportunity that often ends remarkably. Here are three silver linings to problematic conditions that at the time appeared overwhelming. The Athlete – Robin was

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The Destination Disease: Do You Have It?

Next time you’re stuck in slow-moving traffic, take a moment to look around as you’re waiting for the signal to turn green. Hundreds of cars in all shapes and sizes with drivers and passengers of all ages.

Steering the Wheel of Change: How to Win in Unpredictable Circumstances

Think about some of the coolest jobs in the world and try to identify what they all have in common. They don’t have to have their headquarters in California, and they don’t all have to be jobs that pay in millions.

Just Around the Corner

On a recent trip to Washington, D.C., I had just enough time in a hectic day to take an Uber ride over to one of my favorite places, the Smithsonian. The museum is so immense; it is not just one building, but several. I had it in my mind to see the Arts and Industry Building. I should have checked, as two minutes after the Uber dropped me off I was told to not bother walking any further because the

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What Makes Us Special

Three years ago, I had the pleasure of being in the company of several authors and speakers who were visiting the states from Europe. They were wonderful people, and we shared conversation and laughter over dinner. The gentlemen from Germany felt their contributions to art and music, to culture, were important. The couple from France pointed out that French food is incredible. The Italians chimed in with their wines, and on and on, and then the group turned to me.

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